Wastewater Treatment Plant Services

Wastewater Treatment Plant Services face significant challenges due to corrosion and abrasion. At our company, our team of experienced fiberglass specialists has been assisting numerous wastewater plants in effectively managing this ever-present threat. By carefully understanding your specific requirements, our Field Service Engineers strive to deliver fiberglass solutions that not only meet your plant’s needs but also fit within your budget. With our fiberglass relining and repair services, you can extend the lifespan of your FRP tanks and ductwork while safeguarding your capital investment. Our comprehensive wastewater treatment plant services are designed to tackle corrosion and abrasion, ensuring optimal performance and long-term durability.

Corrosion in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Some people take for granted the crucial service that wastewater treatment plants provide for their communities. Unfortunately, many treatment plants throughout the United States require critical infrastructure repairs while facing tight budgets and increased demands for service. Wastewater plant operators know that corrosion and abrasion are always at work in their treatment systems. Our Fiberglass experts have helped hundreds of wastewater plants manage this ongoing deterioration, avoid expensive failures, and add years of service life to their critical infrastructure.

Custom Fiberglass Solutions for Tanks and Ductwork

For many years, American Fiberglass Tank Repair has provided cost effective, state of the art fiberglass solutions for a wide range of wastewater treatment plant designs. Our Field Service Engineers can provide custom tailored solutions that meet your fiberglass needs and budget. In most cases we can repair and extend the service life of the ductwork that feeds your scrubbers and neutralizers. We can also reline your existing FRP tanks so they can continue to safely store corrosive chemicals like sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI), sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and ferric chloride (FeCl3) for many years to come.

American Fiberglass Tank Repair processes meet or exceed all industry standards.

Sodium Hypochlorite Tank Repair

Experts in Tank Modifications

Wastewater Ferric Chloride Tank

Relining Ferric Chloride Flocculent Storage Tanks

Exterior view of wastewater treatment plant ductwork recoated by our fiberglass specialists

Repairing and Relining Large Tanks & Ducting

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tank Before Restoration

Rehabilitating Older Tanks Storing Caustic Chemicals

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