Fiberglass Tank
Nozzle Repair

Are you in need of fiberglass tank nozzle repair and replacement services? When a fiberglass tank is initially manufactured, the nozzles are installed based on custom design specifications or one of the manufacturer’s stock designs. These nozzles are integrated into the tank shell using a laminate plastic build-up that resembles a flange. However, if there is a requirement to modify the piping and valve layouts after the tank is already in service, our experienced crews can efficiently perform field changes to relocate, add, resize, or block off unnecessary nozzles, ports, and manways.

Rest assured that the same meticulous protocols employed in tank manufacturing shops are followed during field projects to ensure the structural integrity of the tank. Our team utilizes a tank-specific approach, utilizing blended resins and shop-fabricated nozzles that are tailored to the specific stored product that the upgraded tank will handle. With our expertise in fiberglass tank nozzle repair and replacement, we guarantee reliable and durable solutions for your tank system. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from our specialized services in fiberglass nozzle repair and replacement.

Replacing An FRP Tank Nozzle

Our crews remove the old FRP nozzle and prepare the existing entry port for the new nozzle. If there has been no previous nozzle or a nozzle of a different size is being replaced, a new tank body port is created, sealing the internal area from the structural laminated body of the tank. This preventive measure helps to prevent weeping of stored product into and between the fiberglass layers of the tank.

New FRP Tank Nozzle Installation

The new nozzle, which has been pre-fabricated and installed as an integrated unit or as a permeation assembly and separation flange, is laminated into the tank to make it integral with the tank’s shell and its interior corrosion lining. Both the nozzle materials and the materials used to install the nozzle assembly are specific for use with the specified product to be stored and anticipated temperature of that product. This insures an extended nozzle service life.

Sanding, Prep And Exterior Coating

Once the new nozzle assembly is installed, the tank shell exterior is made ready to be coated. Depending on the tank placement, exterior coatings may include aliphatic compounds for UV protection.

Example Nozzle Repairs

Aligning A New Flange To Existing Piping

Many times a replacement nozzle must be installed to work with existing piping. Our technicians can position the new nozzle into alignment with that piping.

Containment Failure

This picture shows a tank at a water treatment plant that has containment failure and is in need of a tank repair. One of the most aggressive chemicals handled in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) vessels is Sodium Hypochlorite. Choosing the optimum resin, cure method, surfacing veil, and laminate system details are essential in extending a repaired FRP tank’s service life.

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