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American Fiberglass Tank Repair Services

The need for professional fiberglass tank repair and maintenance services has increased five fold over the last twenty-five years. This is due to the rapid growth of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks used in chemical plants, waterworks and wastewater treatment facilities, on-site potable water storage systems and other commercial and industrial applications.

American Fiberglass Tank Repair (AFTR) works with custom blended isophthalic and terephthalic polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins, as well as over 45 fiberglass mat, chopped strand, Nexus, Harlar and carbon veil laminates to provide cutting edge materials for our field crews’ use in repairing and relining corrosion coats on in-service fiberglass tanks used for fuel, water, oil, chemicals and more

AFTR Services

Extending the Life of Fiberglass Tanks

Many years can be added to the service life cycle of fiberglass storage vessels through tank maintenance such as spot repairs, interior corrosion coating, repairs to or relocation of existing nozzles, addition of new nozzles and specialized FRP piping interfaces.

Fiberglass Tank Lining

Durable Protection for Industrial Storage Tanks.

Fiberglass Tank Nozzle Repair

Efficient Restoration for Damaged Tank Nozzles.

Fiberglass Tank Inspections

Ensuring Fiberglass Tank Safety through Expert Inspection.

Heating Panels Repair

Efficient Heating System Restoration with Expert Repair Services

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Plants

FRP Tank Trailer Services

Comprehensive Tank Trailer Support and Maintenance

Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

Custom Fiberglass Manufacturing for Unique Projects

FRP Tank Emergency

24/7 Emergency FRP Tank Repair & Maintenance Services

Service on Your Schedule

Customized Services Based on Your Availability