Fiberglass Tank Heating Panels and Tank Insulation Repair & Restoration

It is estimated that there are over 12,000 resistively heated tanks in service across the country. The original electric tank heating panels, installed at the factory, are usually covered with an insulation system. Each year, due to panel failures, hundreds of these heated tanks require procedures to open the insulation, replace or repair the failed heating panels and restore the insulation package. Our field crews have been trained in this process and can quickly restore these tanks to a useful service life. It is also possible to retrofit heating panels and insulation wraps on tanks, in the field, that were not originally designed for heated containment service.

In many cases of field repairs for heated tanks, newer design heating panels, with more efficient energy use and longer anticipated service life, can be substituted for the older failed units.

Cut Away Illustration of Typical Tank Heating Panel and Wiring Layout

Tank Heating Panels Placement Prior to Exterior Insulation Application

Spray App Foam Insulation System Covering Tank Heating Panels and Wiring