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Our fiberglass tank services include lining FRP tanks, or repairing or replacing FRP nozzles. We also perform fiberglass tank inspections and prepare reports on the condition of your FRP vessels and our recommendations for maintenance programs to avoid tank failures.
AFTR Fiberglass Tank Lining
Fiberglass Tank Lining
AFTR Fiberglass Nozzle Repair
Fiberglass Nozzle Repair & Replacement
AFTR Fiberglass Tank Inspection
Fiberglass Tank Inspections & Maintenance
When corrosive products are stored in fiberglass tanks, even mild concentrations eventually affect interior corrosion barriers. Left alone these vessels will, over a period of time, fail and lose their containment integrity.

Using the latest compatible glass media and veil systems, along with application specific polymer matrixes, we can apply FRP linings to tank interiors before the stored corrosive product permeates the underlying structural body of the vessel, helping to prevent containment failure.

In most cases, even if a fiber glass tank has breached its corrosion barrier, the overall structural integrity of the vessel is still in tact, offering an ideal substrate for our field personnel to fabricate a new corrosion layer, adding years of service life to the tank.

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When a fiberglass tank is manufactured, the nozzles are installed per a custom design specification, or in accordance with one of the manufacturer's stock designs. The new tank shell is cut into and fiberglass nozzles installed with a laminate plastic build up resembling a flange.

If piping and valve layouts need to be changed after a fiberglass tank is in service, our crews can make field changes to the original nozzle locations, relocating, adding, resizing and blocking off un-needed nozzles, ports and manways.

The same protocols used at tank manufacturing shops are employed in the field to insure structural soundness. Each field project is tank specific, using blended resins and shop fabricated nozzles suitable for the specific stored product the upgraded tank will be tasked with storing.

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Routine periodic inspection of all composite/FRP tanks is an integral part of a facility's Preventive Maintenance Program. Major problems can usually be avoided by inspection programs designed to keep the corrosion layers of storage vessels intact.

Whether on a periodic schedule or as a one time event, we can perform interior and exterior inspections of your tanks, supplying detailed reports showing existing surface and structural conditions and recommendations. Preventative service can help to eliminate unexpected and untimely tank failures.

Your FRP Customer Engineer can advise you on creating an inspection program at your facility.

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We stock and use a selection of over 38 laminate materials, including fiberglass, Kevlar and veil products. These mat and woven materials are custom measured, layered and cut in our composite department for shipment to job sites.

Every fiberglass tank refurbishing project is pre-engineered for the right materials, resins and hardware, insuring the job is done right.
Driving a fork lift into a fiberglass tank is unfortunately not that uncommon. Each year our personnel respond to many unexpected tank repair situations, including electric motors, mixing assemblies and other equipment and tools falling into and impacting a tank. We even see fiberglass tanks tipped over, lying on their side.

With our regionally located personnel and our Service Pack shipping containers, mobilization to locations across North America can be a relatively quick function of our service program.
Our Field Service Crews, backed by our team of composite engineers, are ready to quickly respond to industry's routine maintenance needs and unforeseen emergency service situations. Whether conditions are 100° Fahrenheit or -30°F, we are equipped to cool or heat your fiberglass tanks and work area as necessary during the repair process.

As with most plants, industrial facilities, or institutional environments, it may be a problem to take a storage tank out of service or provide access in your facility during operational times. Therefore, we can work around your schedule - shut downs, night shifts, weekends - we adapt to you.
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Our nationwide field crews provide FRP tank repair services across all US states including: AK (Alaska), AL (Alabama), AR (Arkansas), AZ (Arizona), CA (California), CO (Colorado), CT (Connecticut), DE (Delaware), FL (Florida), GA (Georgia), HI (Hawaii), IA (Iowa), ID (Idaho), IL (Illinois), IN (Indiana), KS (Kansas), KY (Kentucky), LA (Louisiana), MA (Massachusetts), MD (Maryland), ME (Maine), MI (Michigan), MN (Minnesota), MO (Missouri), MS (Mississippi), MT (Montana), NC (North Carolina), ND (North Dakota), NE (Nebraska), NH (New Hampshire), NJ (New Jersey), NM (New Mexico), NV (Nevada), NY (New York), OH (Ohio), OK (Oklahoma), OR (Oregon), PA (Pennsylvania), RI (Rhode Island), SC (South Carolina), SD (South Dakota), TN (Tennessee), TX (Texas), UT (Utah), VA (Virginia), VT (Vermont), WA (Washington), WI (Wisconsin), WV (West Virginia) and WY (Wyoming).