Fiberglass Tank Lining Services

First practically used during the earlier part of the 1900's, fiberglass reinforced plastic laminates have evolved into today's complex corrosion resistant fiberglass (CR FRP) and abrasion resistant fiberglass (AR FRP) composite systems. In the tank industry, these sophisticated composite vessels now equal, and in certain environments, surpass stainless steel and other thermoset plastic vessels for corrosive liquid containment in many cases.

Often the need may arise to switch the product stored in an existing tank from one liquid product to another. We offer multiple product-specific corrosion layer systems, compatible with products or temperature environments a tank may not have been originally designed to handle.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are two aggressive chemicals often stored in fiberglass tanks. Each year, we refurbish hundreds of fiberglass tanks in the field used by the water, waste-water and chemical processing industries.

We offer tank lining services for older fiberglass tanks used to store chemicals, petrochemicals, oil based products and waste streams. Many older fiberglass tanks are not compatible with newer chemicals and petrochemicals and can fail when used to store these products.

Fiberglass Tank Lining by American Fiberglass Tank Repair

Interior surface of fiberglass chemical storage tank displaying wear.

Fiberglass Tank Lining by American Fiberglass Tank Repair

American Fiberglass Tank Repair field crew member lining the fiberglass tank.

Fiberglass Tank Lining by American Fiberglass Tank Repair

Chemical Storage Tank after being lined with new fiberglass corrosion layer.