Custom Fiberglass Fabrication Services

Each year, many FRP tanks and their components fail and are not reasonably repairable. Replacement with standard inventory parts from a major manufacturer is not an option for custom specialty vessels. In these situations, we work with the customer to fabricate a suitable replacement product that is equal to or better than the original.

American Fiberglass Tank Repair maintains a fully equipped, in-house fabrication shop where engineers and technicians design and construct custom fiberglass products based on the needs of our customers. Once a special project is completed, our field crews can install these products at your location as needed.

Fiberglass Fabrication by American Fiberglass Tank Repair
Application of Fiberglass Fabrication by American Fiberglass Tank Repair
Custom Fiberglass Fabrication for Trough

We Custom Fabricate

  • Custom Tanks
    • Open Top
    • Closed Top
  • Internal Baffles & Bulk Heads
  • Troughs
    • Open Top
    • Closed Top
  • Sumps
  • Double Wall Vessels
  • Dome Tops
  • Fiberglass Ducting