American Fiberglass Tank Repair

Fiberglass / Composite Tanks - A Growth Industry

The need for professional fiberglass tank repair and maintenance services has increased five fold over the last twenty-five years. This is due to the rapid growth of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks used in chemical plants, waterworks and wastewater treatment facilities, on-site potable water storage systems and other commercial and industrial applications.

American Fiberglass Tank Repair (AFTR) works with custom blended isophthalic and terephthalic polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins, as well as over 45 fiberglass mat, chopped strand, Nexus, Harlar and carbon veil laminates to provide cutting edge materials for their field crews use in repairing and relining corrosion coats on in-service fiberglass tanks.

Extending the Life of Fiberglass Tanks

Through the years our customer service team came to realize many facilities management professionals were unaware that fiberglass storage vessels could be maintained, adding many years to their service life cycle. The traditional useful life cycle of an FRP tank can be drastically extended with:

  • Spot Repairs
  • Application of New Interior Corrosion Coats
  • Repair to Existing Fiberglass Nozzles
  • Relocation of Existing Nozzles
  • Additions of New Nozzles
  • Specialized FRP Piping Interfaces

Inspection Services for Fiberglass Tanks

Even though many of the service requests AFTR gets are related to apparent problems or elective changes to vessels, the inspection of fiberglass / composite tanks is an integral part of a facility's preventive maintenance program. Because of the unique materials and components used to create these tanks, breach of containment can begin long before it is apparent that there is a problem. Surveying the interior corrosion coat, internal body and exterior shell of a fiberglass tank, as well as the nozzles and other incorporated interfaces, is fundamental in a comprehensive inspection survey. AFTR inspection personnel include our Customer Support Engineers who create and direct the inspection protocols, as well as work with our crews.

About American Fiberglass Tank Repair

Since 2003, the American Fiberglass Tank Repair management team has worked to educate fiberglass tank owners about inspection and proper maintenance of their FRP laminate vessels. Through industry trade shows and articles, institutional publications, and presentations and speakers at national association meetings, we have educated the industry on how to properly maintain, repair and modify fiberglass tanks for optimum service life.

Please feel free to contact our customer service engineering department to get answers to any questions you may have concerning fiberglass tank repair, fiberglass tank relining and fiberglass tank modification services. Whether your need for service is installation of additional nozzles in fiberglass tanks, emergency services for fiberglass tank failures or just general fiberglass reinforced plastic tank repair, maintenance or inspection services, we've got the answers.

Field Engineer Instructing Personnel American Fiberglass field engineer instructing facilities management personnel on fiberglass tank maintenance.

Fiberglass Tank Services Available

  • Fiberglass Tank Liners
  • Fiberglass Tank Linings
  • Fiberglass Tank Coatings
  • Fiberglass Fuel Tank Repairs
  • Fiberglass Water Tank Repairs
  • Fiberglass Oil Tank Repair
  • Fiberglass Fire Suppression Water Tank Repairs
  • Fiberglass UST Repairs
  • Chemical Tank FRP Nozzle Installation
  • Chemical Tank FRP Nozzle Repairs
  • Fiberglass Tank Inspection Services
  • On-Site Fiberglass Tank Maintenance Classes
  • Emergency Field Service Repairs
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Our nationwide field crews provide FRP tank repair services across all US states including: AK (Alaska), AL (Alabama), AR (Arkansas), AZ (Arizona), CA (California), CO (Colorado), CT (Connecticut), DE (Delaware), FL (Florida), GA (Georgia), HI (Hawaii), IA (Iowa), ID (Idaho), IL (Illinois), IN (Indiana), KS (Kansas), KY (Kentucky), LA (Louisiana), MA (Massachusetts), MD (Maryland), ME (Maine), MI (Michigan), MN (Minnesota), MO (Missouri), MS (Mississippi), MT (Montana), NC (North Carolina), ND (North Dakota), NE (Nebraska), NH (New Hampshire), NJ (New Jersey), NM (New Mexico), NV (Nevada), NY (New York), OH (Ohio), OK (Oklahoma), OR (Oregon), PA (Pennsylvania), RI (Rhode Island), SC (South Carolina), SD (South Dakota), TN (Tennessee), TX (Texas), UT (Utah), VA (Virginia), VT (Vermont), WA (Washington), WI (Wisconsin), WV (West Virginia) and WY (Wyoming).